Friday, June 27, 2014

Well, I started posting from the Diary that I bought in Madison, but I didn't write about our own travels, so here is a shot at the original and best Doerner Travels. This should be an eventful summer so let's start right now, right here.

Paris, France.
Concord Opera Hotel

We left San Diego on a 7:55am (Thursday, 6/26/14) and headed for JFK airport in New York. From there, we flew directly to Paris and arrived Friday morning at 6 something am. Fortunately the flight was uneventful.

As we left the airport in search of a taxi, rather bleary eyed, a nice gentleman said "Taxi to Paris?"
We inadvertently followed him after handing him our reservation at the hotel. He took us into the airport and into an elevator. Looking at each other, we shrugged. Finally, we found ourselves in the parking lot with the said gentleman and got into his friends car. They promised we would get to the hotel for 60 euros.  It actually worked fine, but lesson learned. Only travel in real taxis. Don't follow nice strangers in foreign airports. We were lucky this time.

Once at the hotel, it was too early to check in so we left our bags and went exploring. We bought a two day pass to the hop on hop off bus. There are four different routes available. Plus we added the hop on hop off boat tour. Later we also went to buy tickets to the Louvre, hoping to avoid standing in lines tomorrow.

I am hoping that once we get acclimatized to the new time zone, I can also add some pictures to this blog.

Since we were tired, we decided to just ride the bus and not access the on-off part. We were the first to get on so we sat on top of the double decker and took the entire 2 hour route of the green line.

We then went back to the hotel to check in. Then back to work. We found a small restaurant to have lunch, then on to the Seine to take the boat tour. We thought we would take a look at Notre Dame. On the way we visited Madeline Church.

Later we took the blue line and went looking for the Bastille, but unfortunately that had been deconstructed many years aga

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